Home Recording Studio Equipment - Warning! Extremely cheap

Home Recording Studio Equipment - Warning! Extremely cheap

Most people turn away from setting up a home studio for personal convenience because of the huge amount of money that has to be invested in such a project when it comes to buying large amounts of expensive studio equipment for home recording. Mixers, sequencers, drummers, monitors, recording interfaces ...

Who can afford all these things? Is it even worth it?

Well, that's all about how you're willing to spend your money when you buy your own studio equipment. It's true, if you are looking to buy high quality home recording studio equipment, it may break your bank. But everything is not lost - because you can now configure your own studio with your own studio studio equipment on the cheap with the help of this article.

So, what is a good home studio of?

Most will suggest monitors, speakers, a guitar recording interface, Drum Machine and a Mic Pre-amp as a necessity for recording studio equipment. All other features of a general studio can be performed by a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as Cubase, CakeWalk, Nuendo and many others.

The total cost of such a setting will be significantly lower than you would have paid if you chose to buy analogue pioneers and so on. When it comes to purchasing studio equipment for home recording, it is necessary to think smartly. If you need a guitar recording interface and a microphone amplifier, do not buy two home recording studio equipment. Look for something that performs both functions.

A good example would be Line 6 Pod Studio UX1, which costs just over $ 150, produces amazing guitar sounds with over 50 cabinets and amplifier simulations, and acts as an interface for your microphone! The powerful Pod Farm application that comes with this little tool allows you to add studio quality effects to your song or guitar, eliminating the need for unwanted studio surplus.

This interface not only supports guitar and song, but can act as a recording interface for almost anything. It's USB 2.0 output, producing virtually lossless audio with ASIO input in your DAW, resulting in latent free real-time monitoring and dB adjustments from both input and output ends. This is truly a home studio equipment you do not want to miss!

Buy Behringer

The Behringer company produces very high quality electronics at the price, and high quality monitors and speakers can be obtained from them for as little as $ 150.


As for DAW, you have literally hundreds of choices. Steinberg's Cubase is, however, the most popular choice for most recording artists, manufacturers and mixers who use home-tuning studio equipment to create stunning studio quality sound. It is the perfect combination of usability and complexity and has strong support for VST Instruments, eliminating the need for Synthesizers and Drum Machines. Therefore you will save money without having to buy more home recording studio equipment.

The drums

The perfect replacement for a drum machine is the Reason or VST Plugin EZDrummer software. These two software are great choices to eliminate the need for more studio equipment for home theater systems in the form of a drum or an electric or acoustic drum set. Create powerful drum sounds with this contact where it will blow people away!

That's all...

In summary, your equipment may be as cheap as you want it to. Many people fail to realize this and spend thousands of dollars that dispense money on analog gearto features that can be done by a $ 100 hardware. Save by purchasing the hardware mentioned in this article and you have plenty of money left to expand your already well-equipped home cinema with more professional home recording studio equipment later on the road. Keep in mind that the goal is to buy as little equipment as possible without compromising on the performance of a home theater, you had purchased separate home theater studio equipment for each feature of your studio.

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